Inclusion; Future for the Beauty Industry

The Beauty Industry is a massively growing influence in the advertisements that we see every day. Society has shifted to see a huge “self-love” era emerge that focuses on us taking care of our own bodies. In my opinion, this shift in motive is to not stand out above anyone else, but to make sure everyone feels included and equally represented. After watching the 2018 Report on Advertising and Disability, I sat back and thought how I have shifted my brand loyalty over to these brands because of the drive they take to include everyone in the market.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Clothing Campaign

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive was one of the campaign’s that I recalled seeing when it was first revealed. Until then I had never realized that something so easy to some, will turn out challenging for someone else who is different. The clothing line includes many adaptive pieces that are not specific to one disability. The advertisement marketed very clearly that needing the adaptive clothing is not a set back, and that this is going to become a normal for the market.

Cat and Jack, a Target kid’s clothing line, also created an adaptive line of clothing. It is only for children and babies, but they have specially designed clothing for certain disabilities. In the video below, you can see my favorite item they created which is the shirt design for places to give abdominal access.

At the beginning of the blog I mentioned that I have also noticed my brand preference has shifted because of new marketing campaigns for certain companies. The biggest brand switch I decided to make was to end my time shopping at Victoria’s Secret. Growing up I always seemed to prefer buying things there probably because I thought it was “cool”. When I saw the Aerie Real campaign, I made a decision to begin spending money at Aerie. They launched the Aerie Real campaign to celebrate body positivity. I notice brands now have expanded to be more inclusive, but Aerie also wanted to show off people who have disabilities. It really made me realize that I needed to support the kind of businesses that empower us instead of the opposite. To lead the campaign they enlisted the women in the picture below who represented so many great types of people.

“I think people who before felt ostracized are now being made to feel comfortable,” she said. “Actually, I love that. It helps people see things from a different perspective.” -Zarielle Washington

One thought on “Inclusion; Future for the Beauty Industry

  1. jstokes97 says:

    Really interesting blog! I think that the branding of a company should really be centered on its core values (and making money of course) but not to sacrifice themselves to make more of that money. I think that is where a lot of your brand choice is coming from because you see that these brands that aren’t willing to compromise their beliefs would probably not be willing to compromise in quality. Or at-least not want to take away from their message.


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