A New Leap in Accessible Tourism

Each time I see a new article or anything that relates to accessible tourism, I stop to realize that it needs to improve in places that are not limited to hotels and restaurants. After reading about the Wheel the World company mentioned in the article about making Machu Picchu and accessible location, I googled the website for the company to see what else they had made accessible.

The website has a lot of very useful information about the trips and they are honest about the level of accessibility. I thought this was important to add because the hotel rooms they would stay in all have a tub shower… I found that to be a little bit strange based on the fact that the company is mainly focused on people who have mobility disabilities. After seeing there were videos about their trips I wanted to watch and see if they would show any of the rooms, but once I had seen about 8 minutes of this video I realized maybe I should stop and think. The fact that people with disabilities now have the opportunity to experience these amazing places is phenomenal. They deserve the same sense of inclusion when traveling and making sure that ANYONE can feel that at your establishment/location should be necessary.

Video from the “Flagship” adventure that launched the company.


3 thoughts on “A New Leap in Accessible Tourism

  1. spatel72 says:

    I think that its great that people with disabilities are starting to be able to travel, regardless of what may be stopping them. This is a huge step in the right direction to promote the inclusion of everybody. For somebody with a disability to be able to feel free for the time of their vacation is a huge part of why people go on trips and they do a really great job of including people with disabilities in the tourism industry.


  2. webbobannon says:

    I really enjoyed reading your article on how this company is focusing on things outside of hospitality and trying to make them accessible. It’s truly great to be able to travel the world and see all the different landscapes that the world has to offer. A lot of the best views that you catch are often times on top of mountains or other places that it would be difficult with someone with a mobility issue to gain access to. By helping people with mobility issues be able to get to these peaks and see these incredible views, it really helps them feel included in everyday life and activities.


  3. jstokes97 says:

    I think that disabled adventure traveling is becoming a larger sector than people could have anticipated. I think that you organized your thoughts super well and had an ‘attractive scheme.’ regardless of your blogs beauty I think you pointed out a growing part of the tourism industry that can most definitely be tapped into!


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